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Visiting Krakow

May 28, 2016 admin 0 Comments

Krakow is one of the most popular tourist destinations. This previous capital of Poland, has plenty to offer for every tourist. While visiting Krakow, there are not only plenty of things to see, but also many activities to enjoy.
One of the “must see” is the Main Square. It is a perfect place for just wandering around and admiring beautiful architecture of the main marketplace. There are plenty of various stalls, cafes, restaurants and so on. It is worth to sit down for a while and observe local people and their daily lives. There are also various museum and churches located. One of them is St Mary’s Church, which is the main church in the city. It is worth to be there on the hour. Then, you will have a chance to hear St. Mary’s Trumpet Call. However, the call stops before the end because… You will have to find out the reason for yourself! As Polish people love legends and stories, there is also one connected with the melody and its abrupt termination.

It is also worth to visit Wawel Hill. There is another city legend about the hill! Legend has it that there were a dragon living in a cave under the hill. It was terrorising local habitants until one very brave man found out the way how to kill him. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you see plenty of souvenirs with dragons as well as an actual dragon “monument” right in front of Wawel castle!krakow-934351_640

Long time ago, when Krakow was still the capital of Poland, Wawel castle served as a royal residence. Nowadays, it is the burial place of Polish kings as well as meritorious citizens. The castle is open to visitors and hosts various art exhibitions. Buy a ticket to Krakow from this page.

Krakow is also well known, also in the rest of Poland, for its bar culture. This city has extremely high concentration of pubs and bars per square kilometre! There are particularly many bars in the Old Town, what is extremely convenient during the night out – you can easily walk from one place to another. In this part of the city, extremely popular are so-called “cellar bars”, located in the cellars, usually consisted of a few smaller rooms. However, every district of Krakow will have its own, a little bit different bar culture. Therefore, you will find bars with different atmosphere in Kazimierz, and different one in Podgorze district.

Furthermore, while visiting Krakow,  it is worth to remember that Wieliczka Salt Mine as well as the Auchswitz Museum) are located reasonably close to Krakow for example Auschwitz (only about 50 kilometers west). Therefore it might be a perfect base to visit these places.


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