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Where in Europe You’ll require a passport?

February 18, 2018 admin 0 Comments

When Poland became a member of European Union, plenty of good ting happen in our country. Not only the society become a lot wealthy but also get an opportunity to work and travel without any limits, within the borders of the Union. But still there are a countries in Europe in which you will require a passport to enter.

Countries to access with passport

Plenty of Polish people become interested into Ukraine, our eastern neighbor. Nothing surprising in that, this land used to be in part of our country, and still a lot of the Poles are living in there. Especially the Lviv is interesting, cause before the last war it was entirely Polish city. However, if you like to visit Ukraine for future holidays, you need to remember to get a valid passport, otherwise you won’t cross the borders. Fortunately you doesn’t require any visa to do so. Another important touristic country we need this document in is Russia. Cities like Moscow or Sant Petersburg are visited by thousands of Polish travelers every year, those metropolis are worth to be seen, because of multiples attractions. Also, you have to remember to buy a travel visa before you enter this land. The last place in Europe where member of EU required a passport is Belarus. It is still very poor country ruled by dictator, however they are very nice place for summer holidays. It is warm, filled with interesting monuments and very cheap. In this country you also require a visa.

Outside the European Union

In Europe still you can find a lot of countries which aren’t part of EU because of they didn’t want it. One of those is Iceland, very small country situated in the far north. it is perfect place to visit during the summer holidays, it is warm enough for sightseeing. You can travel there using small airline companies’ offers so you won’t waste too much cash on a trip. Next country which is not a part of EU but you also doesn’t need a passport to enter is Norway. If you are living in the northern part of Poland, by the sea, you can take a ferry to enter the country. Norway will be also perfect during the summer, it is warm and dry in July and August. You should especially visit Oslo, the capital, with plenty of interesting monuments to offer. Also, take a trip across the sea shore to admire the amazing fiords of Norway. Georgia is also available without passport, even if it is not part of the Schengen zone. It is very warm and beautiful place, especially Batumi and Tbilisi are amazing.


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