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Interesting places in New York

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Big Apple is one of the most popular places in entire world. Tourist from whole around the Earth are travelling here each day to feel a spirit of this magical place. It is a city of various nations, many offspring of immigrants from entire Europe are living here right now. It is known for it spectacular skyscrapers, art galleries, restaurants on each corner of the street. If you are thinking about trip to New York, stop delay and book your flight ticket immediately, because this place is definitely worth to be seen.

Architecture of Big Apple is very interesting. You will find here plenty of beautiful mansions from nineteenth century on Fifth Avenue, which are remaining books of Henry James. Also, you could see in here amazing examples of skyscrapers from Modernism period. Two beautiful buildings, Empire States and Chrysler Buildings was raised back in thirties. Maybe they are not as tall as most modern pieces, but back in this period it have to looks amazing. While your trip to the NYC, another skyscraper is worth to be visited – World Trade Center One. It was finished in 2014 at the same spot where former Two Towers use to stood. It is 1776 feet tall – it remains about American constitution which were declared in this year.
But New York City is not only about skyscrapers, it is also about… parks! Yes, the famous Central Park is the biggest area of green on entire world, situated in the middle of the city. It is the most famous meeting place of New Yorkers. They are sitting on the grass in there, doing some jogging, have nice time playing ball, having lunches on the benches and a lot more. If you are going to NYC you need to step in, definitely. But beware, after dark some of it parts are very dangerous, so you better go there during the day. But the true signature of the city is Statue of Liberty. This magnificent object always was first thing about NY, which emigrants from Europe use to seen from their ships. It is symbol of reunion of France And United States, when they fight side by side against United Kingdom in American Revolutionary War. This statue is open for tourist to visit – there are couple of observation decks, on even situated in the crow.

New York city is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Nothing surprising about that, the city is filled with spectacular buildings and great monuments. You could eat there tasty meal in one out of many restaurants in there, or just grab a quick lunch on the grass in Central park.

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