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Fly to Israel for a penny

September 27, 2016 admin 0 Comments

Israel is a quit new country, created after World War Two. But of course, it is situated at the exact same place, where religion of most of the people on the world were born – for Jews, Christians and Muslims is a very important area. That is why, even people from Poland really like to visit it, not only those religious ones, but also tourists who loves interesting monuments. Also, it is the best place to see a lot of Jews in their natural country, cause after war in Poland it is very difficult to meet one.

If you are planning to visit Israel, you can start to look for cheap flights to Tel Aviv. This capital of the country is far away from the Jerusalem, the Holy Land, but for a lot of reason it is good. First of all, not every tourist visiting this country is interested in spiritual and historical aspect of this land. A lot of people like to get to know culture and habits of Jews, and they also can find it in the capital. A lot of people from Poland, are choosing Israel for it cuisine – capital of Israel is the biggest vegan center in the entire world. Another reason, why people better like to choose cheap flights to Tel Aviv is because safety – a lot of tourists are afraid to visit Jerusalem, because of the bombing attacks on this area.

But when you decide to go there, you are probably wondering, how to travel there for a penny. it is not very hard thing to do, you just need to be wise. First of all, avoid hot season – European summer – because of two reason. First – you won’t find cheap flights to Tel Aviv then, cause it is very popular, therefore expensive. Second reason – Israel is situated on the desert, so during July and August temperature is higher then 50 degrees. The best weather you will find since march till June. Also, if you plan your journey couple months earlier, you can get cheap flights to Tel Aviv for this term. But the cheapest option is from October to February – but it is not recommended – it is raining in there all the time. Capital is very modern city, but you will also find in there some interesting ancient monuments. Also, it is situated next to the seashore, so you can visit local beaches when you are staying in there.

Every single year, millions of tourists are visiting Israel. Of course, most of them are enjoying it historical part, Jerusalem. But also a lot of people, also from Poland prefer Tel Aviv, modern and very cultural capital of the country. You can get very cheap flights to this city, directly from Poland, but you need to be wise, while booking a date.

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