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Trip to New York City

June 18, 2016 admin 0 Comments

People from Poland are able to travel whole around the world, thanks to cheap airline companies. We are spending longer weekends in European metropolis, having exotic vacations in Thailand. But some of us preferring much more distance flight, to the North America for instance. Especially since we can find very nice deal on trips to New York City from Warsaw. But how to organize it? And how to prepare for a longer flight? And what about city itself, what is worth to be seen there?

First you need to get a visa, before you book your ticket. You need to visit American consul in person, take your documents with you, he will ask you several questions. If you pass the test you are able to get your ticket. Find it online, it is much more cheaper. There are plenty of different pages offering long distance journey. You can travel from Warsaw or Berlin, depends which city is closer to you. Another important issue, is to prepare for a flight. You will be force to spend on board dozen hours, so it could be dangerous for you – cloths in veins. If you like to avoid it, take a longer walk before your trip, and during it, sit up from time to time for several minutes. And don’t forget to dress up properly – you cannot imagine what temperature will be on board, so better put many layers of clothes on you. Last thing is to not forget about entertainment – take some interesting book or magazines, cause you are going to spend on board dozen of hours after all.


And New York City itself is very special place! Even if it is just a step for your further journey, you need to spend here at least couple days. First, take a walk along this city jungle, explore the highest skyscrapers, like World Trade Center One – the newest building, situated on the same spot where two towers use to stood. And if you are fan of more classy architecture, you should definitely visit Chrysler and Empire State Buildings – raised in 30’s! Also, you can go to see Statue of Liberty – it is much smaller then skyscrapers but you can go to the observation point on the crown and watch nice panorama of the city. And if you like to relax, go to Central Park – the biggest green area in the city. You could just take a walk and observe New Yorkers in their natural scenery – this is favorite meeting place of them.

Trip to New York city need to be prepare carefully . You need to have all documents required, including tourist visa. Also, don’t forget to prepare properly to the flight, cause long distance trip can be unpleasant. But exploring the NYC will be amends for all those disadvantages.

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