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Trip to Amsterdam – the best attractions

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The Old Continent is filled with nice monuments, spread all around the Europe. Almost each country has some interesting capital to visit, so sometimes it is hard to choose one place for vacations. People, who have never been to Netherlands should take a trip to the Amsterdam, the capital. This sophisticated and beautiful city is very fascinating.

Mode of transportation

Since thousands of Poles transferred to Netherlands for work, plenty of airline connections to Amsterdam are available, mostly from Cracow and Warsaw. If you are living in Wroclaw or Poznan you will be able to book a flight to Eindhoven, situated 2 hours drive from the capital of Netherlands. However very popular mode of transportation are also bus, even if a trip from Poland to Amsterdam is 10 hours long. But people who have no problem to sleep in bus and are afraid of flights should be glad because of option like that.

Only in Amsterdam

AmsterdamDutch people are popular because of their liberal believes and legislation. In Netherlands drugs and prostitution is legal, so it is big part of it travel sector. One of the most popular area in Amsterdam is Red Light District, a long street with glassy windows with beautiful women standing in and waiting for customers. On the other hand, if you like to taste some substance illegal in Poland you can visit a coffee shop. Another, less controversial aspect of life in Amsterdam are bikes – there are literally everywhere! That is why if you like to take a tour around town you should rent a vehicle like that, it cost almost nothing.


One of the most popular attraction in the area of Amsterdam is Ann Frank’s House. This was a small, Jewish girl popular because of her diary from the war. She was hiding in this house from the Nazis with her family. Another nice idea is to go to the Rembrandt’s House, in which this brilliant artists were living and working. You will see in there not only plenty of paintings, but also furniture, letters and even clothes. If you are admirer of art you shouldn’t miss a trip to the Rijskmuseum, the biggest collection of the Ditch painters, such as Rembrandt, van Gogh, van Delft, van Eyck and Bosch. In the capital you may also go to the Heineken Experience, the brewery. In there you may learn all the details about historical way of brewing, and even make your own pint of this amazing lager beer. Another nice place is Madame Tussauds Gallery of Wax Figures. It is perfect occasion to take a picture with some celebrities.


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