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Unforgetable weekend in Budapest

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Europe is very amazing continent, filled with interesting, travel destinations. Thanks to cheap, airline companies you are able to travel to a lot of nice destinations for a son. This is especially nice if you only have couple of days off at work, and you wish to go for a trip for longer weekend. One of the finest option in Europe is Budapest, the capital of Hungary.


BudapestFor couple of centuries this was very relevant city in the area of Austrian Empire, so it architecture is astonishing. Almost in each district of Budapest you will find nice monuments, but most of them in the old town. In there, you will find very tall hill with amazing building at the top of it. This is the Royal Castle, former residence of Hungarian overlords. It was constructed in medieval times, but within next centuries a lot of overhauls took place in there. Nowadays building is nice example of Baroque architecture. Close to the hill you will find a Fisherman Tower, amazing building, very similar to the castles from fairy tales. It is all because of it architecture, it was design in Romanesque Revival style. At the other side of the Danube river you will find the headquarter of Hungarian Parliament. It is very monumental, Classical building.


At the area of old town in Budapest you will find plenty of interesting attractions to explore. First of all go to the Underground Museum, but only if you dare! It is situated in the area of old, medieval dungeons, you will walk trough dark, shady halls, with scary music and interesting interior design. Close to this object you can visit a Hospital in the Rock, the nuclear bunker museum. It was constructed in the beginning of world war two, now you will find in there many interesting exponents about health care and war.

Another attractions

If you are planning to visit Budapest in summer, do not miss the trip to Schehenyi Terms. It is huge complex of swimming pools on open air, which are using natural, thermal waters. This object also is offering large Spa center, sauna, and jacuzzi. Capital of Hungary is also amazing place to see some nice piece of art. First of all you need to visit the National Gallery, where plenty of exhibitions about country are available. You will find in there paintings of Hungarian artists, interior design from each style, old maps, furniture, coins and a lot more. Another nice object is zoologist garden, localized in suburbia of Budapest. It is connected with botanical garden, so there is a lot nice objects to explore.


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