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Important information about travel insurance

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People, who are living in Poland right now, have plenty of different options for summer vacations. Costs of holidays, even outside of Europe are a lot lower than decade ago, so you don’t need to be wealthy to enjoy your summer. But while you are planning future trip you have to remember about travel insurance, to make sure you are save enough.

The best options

Nowadays when we are planning a holidays, we can buy a trip into travel agency. In that case we don’t need to be worry about insurance, cause our carrier is taking care of that in our name. However, more and more people, especially young, better like to arrange their own trips, cause this option is a lot cheaper. If you are one of those individuals you need to take care about insurance. First option is your regular policy. A lot of companies are offering international insurance in a price of regular one. It is a lot more expensive option, but ideal for people who are travelling a lot. People who are studying in the universities and another academy in Poland, are able to buy special type of insurance, valid on entire area of European Union. This option is very interesting, it is even cheaper than traditional policy, however you cannot be older than 26 years old to be able to buy it.

Another way to be protected from additional costs outside are special policies, which you may buy in your regular agent’s office. Depending on a country you like to visit, another price you will pay for this insurance. The cheapest is European Union, cause thanks to the inside regulation, you are able to get medical care for a small amount of money. This type of policy, valid for two weeks, should cost about 50 zlotys.

Totally different price you will pay for insurance to another countries, especially exotic ones, like Thailand and India for example. Regular policy will cost about 100 zlotys. But remember, before the trip to locations like that, check if you don’t need a special type of vaccines for exotic diseases. If you won’t get it on time and get sick, you won’t get money from your insurance agency. Typical travel insurance is valid in a plenty types of emergencies. If you need to be hospitalizing during your holidays, most of the costs will be covered from the policy. However, if you are going to try some extreme sports, like scuba diving or mountaineering for example, you need to paid extra costs. Otherwise if something bad happen and you need to be rescued, entire process will be paid from your pocket.



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