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Monuments of Vilnius

June 9, 2016 admin 0 Comments

If you are traveling a lot trough whole Europe, you probably have been in most of capitals. But in Eastern part of Old Continent you could find also a lot of magical places. Like Vilnius for example. This use to be second capital of Polish Kingdom before it disappear from the European maps. Nowadays, it still have a charm of historical place, with plenty of interesting buildings and a lot of monuments. Every single year, more and more tourist are visiting it. Nothing surprising in that, you also need to give it a try.

First spot you definitely have to visit is Television Tower. This structure, raised in 1981, is the tallest building in entire country. You could admire a spectacular panorama over the Vilnius up there. Another interesting monument is Presidential Palace. This beautiful structure was rebuild many times during it rich history.  It was build in 1392 as bishop’s residence in Gothic style, but nowadays, after dozens of overhauls it is great example of Classical architecture, from eighteenth century. Part of this building is open for tourist to visit, so you could admire very interesting, historical interior design. During your exploring of old town, you need to take a long, romantic walk along Bernardine street, very old, historical avenue, with charming, narrow streets and little, ancient mansions. At the very same street you could visit Adam Mickiewicz Museum. it is filled with his letters, manuscripts and portraits. lithuania-749142_960_720

If you are a fan of splendorous, baroque architecture, you must to visit Church of Holy Spirit. It is magnificent example of this fascinating art movement, in both – interior and exterior design. If you like to see it inside, no problem, but make sure you are dressed up properly, it is a temple after all. If you like to take a melancholic walk, you have to visit Rossie cementer. it was build in eighteenth century, so you could see in here very old tombstones, and the atmosphere in there is very magical, thanks to wild plants, you can feel in here like in some forgotten, English garden.  And if you are looking for some bohemian atmosphere, you must visit Literary street, where Adam Mickiewicz use to live. There are plenty of small book stores and coffee places, you could feel in there like back in nineteenth century.

Vilnius is very interesting city in the Eastern part of Europe. It has a very rich history and plenty of fascinating monuments. There are many cheap flights to there from each capital from Europe, so you need to give it a try, you won’t regret it, it is guaranteed.


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