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Nice trip to the Warsaw

December 24, 2017 admin 0 Comments

Poland is very interesting country, with colourful history and plenty of monuments in each, bigger country. That is why a lot of tourists from whole around the European are visiting it for summer holidays or just longer weekends. If you are planning to try option like that, you should consider going to the capital of Poland.

How to get there?

Warsaw panoramaWarsaw is a big, important capital, so plenty of airline connections from each part of earth are available in there. Therefore, the best option to travel to the capital of Poland is by plane. If you are starting from bigger city in Europe, you have a big chance to travel for 150 zlotys in both sides. To find nice deal like that you only have to plan the journey fast enough. The best option is to book the flight six months ahead, where prices are still very low. If you do so, you will also have a chance to book accommodation in very reasonable price. The cheapest option in there is hostel, a lot of objects like that are situated in the centre of metropolis.


The capital of Poland were totally ruined during the events of world war second. Fortunately, within next, several decades big part of Warsaw were deconstructed. It is one of the youngest of bigger cities in Poland, so you won’t find in there a typical Rynek. The most important area of capital is Jerozolimskie Alley, situated close to the Palace of Culture and Science. It is amazing, Social realism building, which was a gift from Russia to the Polish people. At the top of it you can visit observation deck and enjoy a breathtaking panorama. About twenty minutes walk from there you will find the old tow of Warsaw, where the Royal Castle is situated, at the top of tall hill. It was constructed in seventeenth century in Baroque style, just after changing the capital of Poland from Cracow to Warsaw.

Another attraction

This metropolis is known for very richful nightlife, that is why if you like to dance or grab a drink you got plenty of options. You can go to the typical, polish pub, which is opened for free, or go to one of fancy night clubs – it is up to you. If you like to take a walk in some lace nice, you need to go for a trip to Wilanow Palace. It is amazing, Classical building, situated by the river Wisla. Palace is surrounded by amazing, French garden, you can enter it for free. You can even find some ruins in this city, which belongs to the Krzyżtopór Palace, founded in the seventeenth century. It was destroyed during the many wars, but the remains looks phenomenal!


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