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Wroclaw sightseeing

May 12, 2016 admin 0 Comments

Wroclaw is a city in Poland with very turbulent history. First it was part of Polish duchy then Chech Republik and Germany and all over again. It came back to the Poland after hundreds of year in Reich, and now is one of the most beautiful pearls of this country. If you are going to Wroclaw sightseeing, you won’t be regret it, it is splendorous city with a lot of attractions for any kind of the tourists. Sophisticated architecture, huge zoologist garden, rich nightlife. And doesn’t matter if you are family with child, couple in love or group of friends – everyone will find something for himself.

Depend on how long you are planning to stay here, we have couple of heritages for you to see. The most important is oldest district of Wroclaw – Cathedral island. It is a place where time has stopped. You will admire there beautiful Gothic (Eastern Europe style) Cathedral and a lot of nice buildings. The highest house is no bigger then three floor, streets are cobbled, night lights are very moody. While walking down the street of this district at night, you may feel like in the times of Sherlock Holmes – nothing have changed since then! Any kind of people will admire this atmosphere, is very touching.wrocaw-265323_1280

While you are during Wroclaw sightseeing in summer, you may consider to visit one of the biggest Zoologist Garden in Europe. It is located in eastern part of the city, not so far away from the old town. Since couple last years it was renovated several times. Now, you are able to see there great examples of African wildlife, you could feel like on the safari! Also, if you are a fan of ocean world, you won’t be disappointing. Few years ago, Wroclaw’s Zoo has opened huge oceanarium. You will have chance to observe seals in almost natural scenery. You should reserve whole day on this pleasure, but don’t worry. At the  area of Zoo you are able to eat some meal or even garb a beer.

If you like to admire spectacular panorama over the Wroclaw, you definitely need to visit Sky Tower. This is one of the highest skyscrapers in the Europe and at the 43rd floor you can watch beautiful scenery of entire Wroclaw. It is very nice experience. But remember, to go to the top, you need to buy a ticket, and probably wait couple hours for  your turn. But don’t worry, Sky Tower’s hall has plenty of attractions for you – you can eat delicious meal, or playing some bowls or billard.

Wroclaw sightseeing is a very amazing experience. No wonder that people from whole around the Europe are visiting this spectacular city. A lot of historic monuments, huge zoologist garden, friendly people and delicious cuisine – Wroclaw has it all!


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