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Monuments in Paris

May 2, 2016 admin 0 Comments

One of the most fashionable tourist destination on the entire world is Paris, for sure. Each year travelers from different countries are visiting this magnificent city. Nothing surprising in that, because it is known for it cultural aspect, a lot of famous writers and painters use to live here, it was inspiration for their masterpieces. Nowadays, we still have an opportunity to explore the older site of this place, but plenty of new arrived as well. Here are couple of most important venues, which most of us need to see while staying in Paris.

Eiffel Tower is the most famous spot in this city, but a lot of people find it very ordinary. But only until they see it on their on eyes. Because it looks amazing! It is not black, as it look on the pictures, but light brown, and really fit in there. You need to go up for sure, there are two options – first, more expensive and with far longer queue is with elevator – you don’t need to use any stairs. Second one, is also payable, but very cheap and you need to use couple hundred of stairs. But the view is worth it – it is splendorous! You are able to see entire Paris, while drinking beer or eat delicious meal.
Paris is also place of many museums. You have Louvre, d’Orsay and Pompidou. If you are not an art lover, and you don’t like to stand in to big queue you need to definitely go to d’Orsay. Gallery is divided into several categories – each room is dedicated to each art movement so you will be able to notice how art was changing during the decades. You will find there plenty of famous masterpieces, like Breakfast on the grass by Manet or Self portrait of van Gogh. Also, you could admire an exhibition of sophisticated Art Nouveau’s interior design- those splendorous furniture all people need to find very fantastic.

If you like to have a nice breakfast on grass, like in Manet painting (but with your clothes on), you need to visit Montmartre. It is former artistic district of Paris, where plenty of famous painters and writers use to live. You could have a tour trough small, narrow streets and visit Moulin Rouge, one of the signature of the city. But the biggest attraction of the district is Basilica Sacre Coeur – splendorous church, situated on top of the hill. In front of it you will find plenty of green area, where you can grab a beer and eat some lunch – and the panorama is very charming.

If you are thinking about some great destination for longer weekend in Europe, you need to visit Paris, definitely. It is filled with famous monuments, which you use to see in the famous movie. You won’t regret if you go there, it is guaranteed.


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