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Welcome to Canada – a place in the North America

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Canada is the second biggest country in the world after the Russian Federation situated in the North America. The area of the country is 9,984,670km². The capital city of Canada is Ottawa and the biggest city is Toronto. Canada has two official languages that are English and French. When it comes to population, the number of people who lives in Canada is 35,151,728 people making Canada the 36th most populous country in the world.

Canada borders the United States, Denmark and France.

The most significant cities of Canada

The first most important one is definitely Ottawa. It is a capital city of the country located on the edges of the Ottawa River in Ontario. The place is a home for about 1 million inhabitants. During your visit in the city, it is Canadaworth to visit The Maman Sculpture, the Canadian War Museum, the Canadian Postal Museum and a lot more places in accordance to your interests. Every holidaymaker who is interested in visiting the city may travel by plane. The city is served by two airports – The Gatineau-Executive Airport and Ottawa/Carp Airport.

The second most powerful city in Canada is Toronto. The city is also placed in Ontario, on the edges of the Lake Ontario. It is the largest city in Canada and the fourth largest in the North America. The city is a home for about 2.7 million inhabitants. Toronto is full of interesting places to see, including the Down-town of Toronto, Prince Edward Viaduct, Old Toronto. The city has a great transport link and the travellers may make a use of the Toronto Pearson International Airport that serves international flights, including intercontinental. There is also located smaller airport called Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (Island Airport).

Some interesting facts about Canada

Canada is an interesting place to visit. However, before you get in the plane, it is worth to find out about the most fascinating facts about Canada that are following:

– Canada is a really huge country. It comprises six different time zones!

– There is located the longest street in the world. It is called Yonge Street and it goes from Lake Ontario to Lake Simcoe. It is 86 kilometres long!

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