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Short trip to beautiful Prague

November 23, 2017 admin 0 Comments

Thanks to cheap airline carriers Polish travelers are able to visit nicest, European capitals without spending a fortune on a trip. It is nice option when we don’t have entire week for a vacation and we like to use longer weekend in some place nice. One of the greatest metropolis is Prague, cultural city with a lot of attractions to explore.

Organize a cheap trip

If you wish to travel for a song, you have to start planning couple of months ahead. Thanks to that you will find cheapest flights to Prague. Depending on city you are living price could be different, cause another carriers are offering it. But you shouldn’t spend more than 40 Euro for ticket in both sides. While planning your trip don’t forget about accommodation. Prague is popular city, so hotels in there can be expensive, especially in the city center. Nicer option is hostel, maybe less luxury but cheap and in good location. You can also buy special city cart, thanks to that you will get a discount on hotels, buses or subway and cultural events.

Architecture of Prague

This beautiful city is filled with interesting, historical buildings from each period of time. True icon of Prague is PragueChurch of our lady, with two interesting Towers. Building is situated in the main square, close to the church you can see Old Rathaus, with the oldest astronomical clock of on entire world on it. About 10 minute walk from square you will find a Charles Bridge, popular meeting place in Prague. You will make an amazing photographs on it, buy a souvenirs of some piece of art. At the other side of bridge you will find the Hradczany hill, with city of the same name at top of it. It use to be a residence of royal family. Walk at the top is a bit long, but the castle and amazing view from the hill is worth this labor.

Less ordinary attractions

But Prague is not only place with amazing, historical architecture, there are other attractions worth to explore. One of those is Dancing House, interesting, modern building with very odd construction. If you are looking for some urban art you have to visit The Wall of John Lennon. It is filled with murals about this artist, which started to appear on wall after his death.

Prague use to have large population of Jews, you should visit their quarter, Josefov. In this area you can admire six different Synagogues and one large Jewish Cemetery. Whole architecture in this quarter is very nice, you can even find there a house, where Franz Kafka use to live and also statue of this famous writer.

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