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Unforgettable weekend in Vienna

November 15, 2017 admin 0 Comments

Capital of Austria always was one of the most important metropolis in entire Europe. That is why we can find in there plenty of interesting monuments, city is also very important cultural spot in this part of continent. How to organize cheap, longer weekend in this beautiful place? And which attractions we cannot miss while being there?

Plan your journey

Within last, couple of year more and more Polish citizens start to visit Vienna. Nothing surprising in that, cause airline connections are in very reasonable price. Of course if you like to spare some cash, you have to plan the trip several months earlier. First minute flights are very cheap, and you will also have enough time to localize great accommodation. If you like to be more spontaneous, you can also hunt for last minute options. Cheap airline carriers are offering discount on less popular flights. To book cheapest hostels you can use special websites with international accommodation system.

Magnificent art

At the beginning of twentieth century, Vienna use to be the capital of Secession art, it is a home town of Gustav Klimt after all. One of the icons of this capital is Secession Building, designed in the 1897 by Klimt, Hoffman and Moser, leaders of this art movement. In Vienna you can also see interesting exhibitions, like in History of Art Museum. In there you will admire masterpieces of caravaggio, Rubens, Tintoretto and Velazquez. Another great attraction is Mumok, Gallery of modern Art. It is a home for many interesting paintings, made by artists like Richter, Lichtenstein, Warhol and Picasso. Also do not miss Leopold’s Museum, with masterpieces which use to belong to Leopold family. It is the biggest exhibition of Gustave Klimt and Egon Schiele on entire world.

Architecture and more

Austria always was very important and rich country, that is way it capital is filled with amazing buildings. Palace ViennaSchonbrunn is beautiful example of classical architecture. Inside of building you can also explore interior design of various style. Next to this palace Tiergarten is situated, one of the biggest zoologist garden in this part of Europe.

Another nice palace is Belvedere, also designed in classical style. If you are a fan of Gothic architecture, you will enjoy Old Rathaus, formed in the end ox 19th century in neo-gothic style. One of the finest pieces of Baroque architecture in Vienna is st. Charles Basilica, it was formed in 1713 as a reminder of cholera plaque which killed a lot of citizens.

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