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Some countries are extremely popular among tourists. There ar those places you think about as soon as somebody mention about holiday or summer destinations. Very often they are amazing and they fully deserve their reputation. However, there are other countries, even more outstanding and beautiful, which don’t come to mind as typical summer destination. And it might be worth to change as they have plenty to offer.
One of such countries is Israel. This relatively new country is home for many cultural sights, natural beauty nature as well as amazing history. Thanks to many domestic flights, it is easy to visit almost every corner of it. Visiting this country can be described as a religious experience. For many people is perceived as visiting the Holy Land, especially if you decide to visit Jerusalem. If you are interested in Jewish mysticism, you also will not be disappointed.  Furthermore, there are many natural wonders. It is enough to mention  the Mediterranean coast with its outstanding beaches located close to the city. In the south of the country, the Negev Desert waiting to be discovered. In the South – there is the Dead See which has the saltiest water on earth! There are also many extremely interesting festivals such as Olive Festival (Galilee), Annual Tiberias Marathon, Masada Opera Festival or Acco Festival of Alternative Israeli Theater (hold in September). If we add for all of these also the cosmopolitan Tel Aviv, it is easy to see that Israel has much more to offer than any typical tourist destination.prague-1168302_640

As you can see, there are plenty sights that just have to be visited all over the country. Thanks to well organized domestic flights, it is easy to do. You can start from Tel Aviv, which the centre of cultural, culinary nightlife experience. Furthermore, very close to the city there are plenty of gorgeous beaches. It means, that you can enjoy the atmosphere of the cosmopolitan city, while relax at the sea whenever you feel tired of busy life.  Doesn’t it sound great? If you decide to take one of the domestic flights to Eilat, the southernmost city located at the Red Sea, you will be able to see another face of the country.  For example, there is the Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve, where you can see many endangered species, including Biblical animals! There is also the Coral Beach Nature Reserve, which is an underwater marine reserve, where you will be able to admire the unique tropical marine flora and fauna.

Do you still need to be convinced any longer to visit this amazing country?

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