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Interesting places in Prague

May 24, 2016 admin 0 Comments

Capital of Czech Republic is one of the most fantastic cities in entire Europe. It use to be (and still is) the home of many artists, who were painting their pictures and writing their novels in here. Nowadays, we are still able to feel the spirit of old Prague, even though it is much more modern then it use to be. If you are thinking about some nice destination for longer weekend, this city is the perfect place, especially if you have never been here before. So find some cheap airline flights or book bus ticket and start a journey to this magical land.
The most popular place in entire Prague is Charles’s Bridge. It is situated at the front of old town, and it lays along the river and you need to pass it trough when you are going to Hradcany. It is very long and wide object, filled with people during every time of day and night. A lot of street artists, playing music, drawing portraits, you can buy there plenty of souvenirs, take a magnificent picture with a view. The structure is very old, first stone was placed in fourteenth century, but it was rebuild several times. In 2007 there was huge renovation of it.

prague-516039_960_720In the oldest district of Prague, Hradcany, on the top of the high mountain, lays the old, majestic castle, former resident of Czech Republic’s kings. To go there and visit you need to climb trough hundreds of stairs, but it is worth it. At every stop you will take, you will be admire spectacular panorama over the city, but the landscape at the top is the best. Castle was first build in the early Middle Age and it was increasing several times. The last huge renovation took place in eighteenth century. Because of it, this huge object is a mix and mash of several different movements of architecture. But not only castle itself is gorgeous.  Also, next to il lays charming old street with small, one floor tall buildings, exact reconstruction of Medieval mansions. Travel by plane to Prague.

But the most famous signature of the Prague is Church of Our Lady before Tyn. This magnificent Gothic temple was raised in the golden period of Gothic style in Europe. It has the most characteristic towers, that looks very morbid and strange, and which became the nicest example of architecture of Prague. The object is open for tourist to visit, in the inside is also great, so you need to go there. But beware to dress up in proper clothes, it is a temple after all.

Prague is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Europe. Nothing surprising in that, great architecture meets in here with friendly citizens, delightful cuisine and tasy beer – who would ask for more?


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