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Monuments in Madrid

May 16, 2016 admin 0 Comments

If you are thinking abut trip to Spain, in most of the occasions you are planning to go to Barcelona – because of the sea and Gaudi. But real capital of this country is Madrid, also spectacular city, located in the center. Maybe it hasn’t got any sea, but it is also good place, even during the spring and summer, cause a lot of public swimming pools are available there. Also, spectacular architecture and interesting objects of art are great reasons to book flight tickets to the Madrid, even if you have only two days to spend.

Even if you are not an admirer of art, you need to visit Museum of Prado. This exhibition, located inside magnificent, classical building, contains plenty of artist, that even laymen know. From late Gothic by Hieronim Bosch and Albrecht Durer trough Mannerism of El Greco and Titian, and with brilliant baroque collection of Velazquez, Rembrandt and Rubens. A lot of famous paintings that almost all of us heard about. If you don’t like to spend money for the ticket, you should that after 6 pm, each day, the entrance is for free. But the queues are very long, so you better go there earlier.

If you like to see some history, you need to visit Royal Castle, and Wednesday will be the best day, cause tickets are for free, and you are able to see change of royal guards, in very festy way. This beautiful building was raised in eighteenth century by king Philip the Fifth in classical style. Most of the chambers are open for visitor to see, you can watch on your own eyes, how interior design of royal family looked like. Beside, you are able to visit gardens, huge area of green that surrounds the castle, in French style. Also, a lot of nice building are situated there, like pharmacy, armory and stables of royal family.
If you like to spend lazy day in nice, green environment, Retiro Park will be the best choice. Classical architecture of Spain is blended inside. You can relax on the bench, eat delicious lunch on the grass, drive on the bike. Also, on this area is located big lake in witch you may swim, or even rent a bout and have a delightful trip. The entrance is for free, you will be able to meet there a lot of Spanish citizens, because this is their favorite spot in the city. Think about cheap flight tickets.

Madrid is a great city in the middle of the Spain. It history is very old, you could admire there a lot of classical buildings and churches. Also, one of the most biggest and famous museums on the world, Prado, is situated in the center of it. And if you like to rest after whole day of touring, visit Retiro Park, it is very charming.


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