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Tourist attractions in Katowice

May 29, 2016 admin 0 Comments

Katowice is a Polish city which is not very popular among tourists. Most of them usually go to other, more popular and wider known destinations. However, if you look for off beaten track place to visit, and to experience less touristy destination, Katowice might be a perfect choice for you. Katowice is part of the Silesian Metropolis, an association of fourteen cities located in the Province of Silesia. Therefore, Katowice might be a perfect base also to see and visit other smaller cities, which are located nearby.

However, it this rather short article I would like to focus on tourist attractions in Katowice. This city is totally unique, an hard to be compared to any other. In contrast to other Polish cities, you will not find here “typical” Polish Old Town, castles or palaces. However, this city will show you totally different face of Poland – for a long time city was associated with working class, factories and industry. Generally, this city can be described as an effect of the industrial age. Therefore, you will not find there “typical” beauty. However, if you will a bit deeper, and get familiar with the history that has shaped and influenced the current form of the city, you will probably fall in love with that place pretty quickly.

Almost every person that has visited Katowice, has its own favourite places to see and experience there. It is a perfect place for history and art-lovers, as there are many extremely good museums. Below, I share with you my favorites. I hope that it will encourage you to visit and get to know this amazing city.


1. Nikoszowiec district, that was built for a coal miners working in a mine in the period 1908-1918. The district was designed by Georg and Emil Zillman of Berlin-Charlottenburg in a way to resemble an amphitheatre – stage (main square) in the middle, from where five streets begin. The idea was to create a totally self-sufficient community for the mine workers, therefore the district had school, church, hospital and so on. Nowadays, the district is admired for its unique architecture – characteristic red bricks, red window framing as well as narrow streets.  In the middle of the main square, you can find beautiful neo-baroque St. Anne’s Church. Inside you can see enormous organ with 5350 pipes!

2. The Kosciuszko Park –  it is the biggest, most famous and favourite park of locals! Park stretches across the territory of 72 ha. There are many interesting stories connected with this place, but you will have to discover them by yourself once you are there! It is perfect place to chill out after the intense sight-seeing.


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