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Longer weekend in Europe? Choose Krakow

July 16, 2016 admin 0 Comments

Nowadays, not all of us have enough time at work, to go for lasting more then a week, holidays. If we are important in our office, and there is no people to replace us, sometimes we need to split our job leave into several longer weekends. This option is not so bad, especially that thanks to it, you have an opportunity to explore much more places in one year. The only good option to use city break, is to travel by pane. It is fast, simple and very comfortable. Journey from one part of continent to another last not more then 3 hours. You don’t know where to go? Choose former capital of Poland.

Flights to Krakow are in very reasonable price, from almost each bigger city in entire Europe. Of course, some dates are cheaper then another. if you like to get the best deal on your ticket, you need to be wise. When you prefer to go there during summertime, you need to book your ticket half year earlier, if you like to travel for a song. if you are more spontaneous, and you don’t have plans like that couple months earlier, you should choose low season. May, June or September, are perfect to visit Poland. It is warm but not to hot, so you will be able to enjoy your trip. After you book your flights to Krakow, you need to take care about accommodation. The best option will be hostel. You can get a private room, in very reasonable price, right close to the old town.

You are probably wondering, if this city is worth to be seen? of course it is. It was a capital of Poland since Middle Ages and trough golden era of this country. Therefore, you will find there plenty of interesting monuments. First of all, you need to go to the main square. In there, right in the middle, you will find Sukiennice, the building, in which people were selling their goods in medieval times. Next to it, you can admire beautiful, Gothic church, build in Middle Ages. It looks phenomenal not only outside, but also inside – the altar is astonishing. Couple minutes walk from the square, you will find a Wawel hill – and at the top of it huge, phenomenal Royal Castle. It was build in Renaissance, but it was rebuild several times, so you may see in there couple other art influences. Flights to Krakow are also good opportunity to visit Auschwitz – this place is situated next to the city, you could take a bus from there.

If you are looking for good place for city break, there is no better city then Krakow. Plenty of monuments, rich history, low prices and very friendly people. Also, if you like, you can visit Auschwitz, it is situated very close to the city.


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