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Copenhagen – a city worth visiting

January 17, 2018 admin 0 Comments

Welcome to Copenhagen. A city located in Denmark on the coast of Zealand island in the northern Europe. Copenhagen is also the capital city of the country. This article will tell the facts about the city that you may not know.

At present, the capital of the Kingdom of Denmark is inhabited by about 620,000 residents and the entire metropolitan area called the Greater Copenhagen is inhabited by almost 1.5 million people (the city is placed in the east part of the Zealand island and partly on the island of Amager. It has been connected by a bridge with the Swedish Malmo in 2000). The beginnings of Copenhagen dated back to the beginning of the 11th century. Until the mid-twelfth century, Copenhagen was a fishing village and almost a century later, it received city rights. In 1536, the city became the capital of the Danish kingdom. However, it was the history of the city. Now, it is completely different.

copenhagen travelCurrently, Copenhagen is the largest port in Denmark where the passengers may go by ferry to Sweden, Norway, Germany and England. There is also placed well-developed airport. The largest Scandinavian airport – Kastrup is located on Amager. Zeeland is connected with nearby islands and the Scandinavian Peninsula with bridges. The tourists may travel there by train, car and bicycle. In 2002, the local underground was opened. It should be emphasized that in 2016, in Copenhagen were more bikers than car users. Currently, the car is in a possession of only 29% of the inhabitants of the Danish capital.

Another interesting fact about the city are famous people who were born here or who have worked in the city. One of the most popular is a model and an actress Helena Christensen. Moreover, there is also a philosopher Soren Kierkegaard and world-famous director Lars von Trier. Children should know Hans Christian Andersen who created there his notable fairy tales. The author has also lived here for the largest part of his live. His monument is placed in the central point of the city.

The accommodation possibilities

If you are interested in the city’s attractions, it is worth to stay there a little bit longer. Luckily, the city offers numerous properties to stay in. The most popular forms of accommodation are hotels, hostels and apartments. Moreover, the hotel guests who prefer staying in chain hotels will also find some interesting places to overnight. There are located several hotel chains, such as Small Danish Hotels, Danhostel and Arp-Hansen Hotel Group.



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