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Brussels – great place for longer weekend

January 9, 2018 admin 0 Comments

When we are tired of work but we don’t have a chance to get more than two days off, it is great idea to go for a trip for longer weekend. Thanks to cheap airline companies we may travel to distanced places in couple of hours, so even two days in one city will be all right. If you are looking for inspiration for a trip, maybe you should consider the capital of Belgium?

Cheap airline tickets

This country is one of the popular destinations among Poles who are working abroad. That is why almost from each airport in Poland we may get transfer to Brussels. But this popularity is not always good. Cause during hot dates, like Easter or Christmas immigrants are coming back to Poland to see their families. That is why prices of tickets are automatically going very high. To avoid this situation try to choose less popular date. Also, to pay even less money, you may book the flight several months earlier. At the start of sales carriers are offering great deals. Also, there is last minute option available to Belgium, but it is a bit risky.


brusselsBelgium always was very wealthy country, that is why Brussels is filled with beautiful architecture. But the most phenomenal object is very modern, but probably the most popular. It is an Atominum, huge construction made of steel, popular meeting place for inhabitants and tourists. But the true signature of the capital is Manneken Pis, small sculpture which represents young boy who is… peeing! This is not part of extraordinary art, the sculpture was designed in sixteenth century. In entire Brussels you may find couple others sculptures like that, not only with boy, but also girls and dog. Of course in the capital we may admire also a lot more ordinary, yet beautiful, architecture. Good example is City Hall, beautiful Gothic building, which looks like medieval church.

Another attractions

If you are fan of architecture you need to visit Mini Europe exhibition while visiting Brussels. Inside of it you will find all classical monuments from old continent, but shrunk to very small size. Admirers of an art need to visit Royal Gallery, filled with painting of many centuries. It is good opportunity to admire local artists, like Rubens, Magritte, Rembrandt or Gosh. If you like to rest on the open air, go to the Cinquantenaire, one of the oldest public parks in entire Belgium. The main attraction of this place, besides lovely, Baroque fountains, is huge gate of the same names. It is a symbol of military victory in eighteenth century.


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