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Tourist attractions of London

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Since Poland became member of European Union, each year more and more Poles are traveling to London for work. Because of that fact, there are very cheap airline tickets available, so if you are not working in there, but you are just wondering abut this capital’s tourist attractions, you may travel there for a penny. And London is very worth to be seen – beautiful monuments, great museums and friendly people are true signature of this magical place. So if you have no idea where to go for your longer weekend, only book your tickets and visit London immediately.

Whole England is known for it gorgeous, historical buildings  all around the island. In the capital you could admire great monument named Tower, former royal prison, where political criminals, like Mary Stuart for instant, were kept. This amazing structure was created in eleventh century and it was renovated several times, but even so, it is still looks like back in dark, Medieval times, with spectacular Gothic chic. Next to it, you may see Tower Bridge, quite similar to this stricture but a lot more younger – it was build in nineteenth century in New- Gothic style. Another interesting building in London is Westminster Palace, the head quarter of British parliament. Former building was destroyed during the fire in 1830, this version was build in 1870 – also in New- Gothic style. The most popular signature of the London – tower with Big Ben, is attached to this palace.

But London is not only about architecture, it is also about exhibitions. The most popular museum not only in London, but in entire United Kingdom is Madame Tussauds. It was started at the beginning of nineteenth century, when French woman (Madame) came to London with wax portraits of beheaded aristocrats. It became clear that people are very fascinating about exact same statues made in wax, so her business were very good. Nowadays, you will see in this museum plenty of famous people, from politicians, to actors. You could have a picture with great image of John Paul the Second, or Michael Jackson. And if you like to get to know more about history of English painting, you need to visit Tate British, definitely. You will be able to admire there spectacular pieces of all most important British artists, like Rossetti, Waterhouse, Turner, Blake, Gainsborough and many more.

London is a great tourist destination. It is filled with interesting buildings and other attractions, like galleries of art. If you have never been here before, you need to travel there, immediately. Because the spirit of this city is very bewitching.


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