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Copenhagen – a great holiday destination

October 15, 2016 admin 0 Comments

Denmark is considered to be the happiest country with the happiest nation. In other words – it seems to be the best place in the entire world to live in. Why not to visit the happiest country in the world? Especially its capital city.
Copenhagen has plenty to offer for everybody, including every tourist as well as visitor. In this amazing city, everything will be able to find something amazing and perfect just for himself / herself. Copenhagen is a city which can be example for many other European capital cities, but not only. It is extremely green city. And it does not only mean the plenty of parks and other green areas open to public. It also mean that there are electric buses, and many other initiatives that aim to make the city as green as possible. It is expected that before 2025 it will be the first carbon-neutral capital in the entire world. Therefore, even though it might not sound like a typical tourist activity, it might be extremely interesting and inspiring to see how this green city functions in this pioneering area. Furthermore, people who live in Copenhagen simply love bikes. You can see them all over the city, in different colours and shapes. Almost everybody rides bike – children, teenagers and even elderly people. It also seems to be the best way to experience the city by yourself – simply rent a bike and follow the locals! It would be easy – there are many bike paths and they are in a very good shape. iceland-198970_640
However, this city has much more to offer except of the inspiration. There are also many historical and cultural sites which are extremely worth to visit. For example, there is the National Museum of Denmark. It houses 3 floors of different items that present over 14 000 years of Danish history, including the ice age, through Viking times, right until the modern times. It is a definitely interesting place to everybody who is interested in history.  The very good news is – the museum is totally free!  Copenhagen is also famous for design. For tourists who would like to become more familiar with that face of the city, it is recommended to visit the Norrebro district, where there are many shops with different designs, including antiquities. In the area you can also find many very trendy pubs, cafes and other places, where many people interested in art gather together. Furthermore, during the weekend you can visit a quite famous antique market, where you can find some priceless antique as a perfect souvenir from Copenhagen.

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