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Monuments in Poznań

May 31, 2016 admin 0 Comments

Poznań is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Poland, although it is far less popular then Wroclaw for example. But if you are looking for some place to explore the magnificent architecture, hang out in some great restaurant or pub or just have a pleasure afternoon on green areas, you need to visit it. There are plenty of cheap air flights available to there, so you just need to arrange some free time at work and book your ticket. And don’t worry accommodation standards are the best, so you won’t have any problems with finding a decent hostel.

First spot you definitely need to see is square. You will have an opportunity there to admire splendorous, Gothic city hall, raised in dark, Medieval times. it is one of the nicest structure like that in entire Poland. Also, square itself is very charming, you will find there plenty of older and newer mansions, attached together. Poznan is also about churches, you could explore there couple of interesting pieces, like Cathedral of Mary Madeleine, amazing example of Baroque architecture. If you are looking for some more, you have to go for a walk trough oldest part of the city – Cathedral island. It use to be main point of Poznan back in Middle Ages. You will find here plenty of charming, two floor tall mansions, and also a lot of ancient Catholic temples, like the oldest Cathedral in Poland – Church of St. Paul and St. Peter.zary-deptak

Another interesting part of Poznan, but a lot younger, is hill of Saint Adalbert. It is very magical place, where you may admire magnificent panorama over the city. Although this district was ruined during the World War Second period, you can still admire in here charming mansions from nineteenth century, fully renovated. Also in this part you can notice some sacral objects, like old, Medieval monastery. If you are a little nostalgic person, you could take a walk along old… cemetery in there. Yes, this huge object is the best spot for contemplation, or even romantic date with someone special – the huge amount of wild plants look very amazing in there, you could feel like in some forgotten, English garden. If you are a fan of modern art, you could also see in Poznan gathering of 112 beheaded characters carved in clay by famous artist, Magdalena Abakanowicz.

Poznan is a very magical place with a lot of interesting monuments. You could explore magnificent, historical mansions, or interesting Medieval churches. Even admirers of art will find there something for themselves.


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