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Great cities in Italy you should visit

October 4, 2016 admin 0 Comments

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the entire world. There is no doubt about that. When many countries are proud mostly of their capital cities, Italy has many amazing cities and towns, which are unique and gorgeous.
Obviously, the ‘must see’ is Rome. It is not only capital of Italy. It is also capital of Christianity. And it is capital of famous ancient times. In such place, history and art has to be as rich and as amazing as in no other place in the entire world. There is simply no other option – it is capital of 3 great things.  Furthermore, Rome is a great mix of modernity and history. You can find many modern buildings and galleries, which are perfectly connected with historical places and ruins of ancient worlds. It is a very unique combination indeed. This is a paradise for everybody who is interested in history. Just imagine how amazing it has to be to visit the famous Colosseum and the Roman Forum. Places, where many famous events took places. For example, many fights which you have probably seen in plenty of movies or read about in many books. Imagine, that you will be able to walk in the same places where many years ago, Julius Caesar used to walk too. Doesn’t it sound simply amazing? Furthermore, there is also the Vatican City which just has to be visited. Even if you are not a religious person and you will not be treated it as a spirit journey, you will definitely fall in love with the most famous art collections and master pieces!mussels-327085_640
Another amazing city in Italy just simply has to be seen is Venice. Obviously, some people complain about its smell and how overcrowded it is. However, you should not listen to them. Those things are only tiny inconveniences in comparison to all of these amazing things you can see and experience there. Furthermore, many people claim that this magical city will disappear quite soon due to the level of water, which is getting higher and higher every year. Everybody should visit this magical city, before it will disappear under the water. And everybody should take this amazing and romantic trip with the gondola.  There is absolutely no doubts for that. Another city which you should visit is Florence. Some people say that it is the best city in the entire Italy. There are many famous places and sites that has to be visited, as for example the famous Duomo cathedra, the Mercato Nuovo , the Galleria dell’Accademia as well as the Uffizi. However, Florence is so much more that just those tourist and historical places. It is all about the beauty and magical atmosphere of the city.

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