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One day in New York? See Manhattan!

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Many people think that Manhattan is the same what Big Apple. In fact, the whole city is far bigger, but tourists often concentrate mainly on this particular area. That is because a lot of interesting places can be found here. How to learn about Manhattan?

The choice of places to see and ways of sightseeing

First of all, a good plan can be very helpful. This part of New York is quite big, so to make the sightseeing easier, a map is obligatory. Secondly, there are several ways to see Manhattan. One of them is a water cruise. This form of sightseeing lasts from one hour to even three, depending on the chosen option. During the trip the island can be seen from various sides. Especially when the weather is nice, the cruise guarantees unforgettable big city views. What is more, passengers are informed about the most interesting points by the professional guide. For people who do not like these ways of transport, the best option is simply walking along the streets.

Locations versus individual preferences

new york travelThe interesting fact is that most of the streets in Manhattan are numbered – instead of names, they have just numbers. It is good to remember of it while navigating. If someone wants to see the broad, panoramic view of the city, he should visit the observation deck located on the Empire State Building. This building is located in the heart of New York, so the view at each side is breathtaking. For people who enjoy theatre, Broadway is an important point in the map of that metropolis. Among all the theatres located there, everyone will find some interesting musical or performance. The tickets are quite expensive – despite that lot of tourists decide to join in the show. The connoisseurs of art and history maniacs will also not be disappointed with the visit in Manhattan. Metropolitan Museum of Art, National Museum of the American Indian, the Guggenheim Museum – these are only a few examples for these people.

Where to rest and eat?

In New York people can also relax in parks. An important element of city landscape is Central Park. Its history reaches 19th century. Now it covers the area of more than 300 ha. Young people do some sports here, elderly people sit on the benches. Many cultural events also take place here. Considering the food, the Chinatown district cannot be omitted. Here the typical Chinese kitchen is served. People who prefer European kitchen should visit Little Italy – it is the place for pasta and pizza lovers. Delicious dinner should definitely be a part of visit in Manhattan!

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