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Poznan – what is worth to be seen?

May 17, 2016 admin 0 Comments

Poland is beautiful country in the middle of Europe, with very friendly people and delicious cuisine. Also, yow will find there plenty of magnificent cities – Krakow with all those monuments, Warsaw with interesting history, and Wroclaw – the meeting place? But what about Poznan? This charming city in the north part of the country is also great trademark of Poland. You are thinking about visit this town? Don’t miss the most important heritages in there, here couple of things you should definitely visit during your trip.

Like most of the polish big cities, also Poznan has nice, historical square. it is a place really worth to be see, especially during noon, because at 12 am, at the city hall, two lovey little bucks made of woods are dancing around – it is true signature of the city. Whole building was raised in 1551 in Renaissance style, but a lot of it parts was stolen during dismantles of Poland in eighteenth century.

Ratusz_Poznań_lipiec_2007_RB1But if you like to see the oldest part of this city, you need to visit Cathedral Island. It was first district of it, build in the times, where Polish country was created. In one of the local churches, Mieszko I, first prince of Poland, use to live. Also, you will find there magnificent examples of couple styles in architecture, in sacral and secular buildings. So if you like to see some great examples of Baroque or Gothic, you cannot miss Cathedral Island.

But Poznan is not only historical city with architectural attractions. If you like a wildlife admirer, you should definitely visit zoologist garden. maybe it is not so big and fancy as one in Wroclaw, but you will find there a lot of interesting examples of nature. Elephants, lions, giraffes, pelicans and many, many more. Also, if you do not like to walk a lot, you could tour this object using railway. And after couple hours there, you could eat delicious dinner in one of many restaurants in there. Also, if you like to watch some exotic plants, you could visit Palm house, this one in Poznan is the most biggest in the whole Poland. You will watch there a lot of flowers from whole around the world. And if you like to do some shopping, go to Old Brewery – it is city mall situated inside old, post-industrial building. It looks amazing inside!

Poznan is very nice and attractive city in the center of Poland, also it is one of the oldest part of this country, it use to be capital, during the dukedom period. Nowadays, it is very great tourist spot, most of us will find something for ourselves.


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