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Why you should visit Frankfurt this summer?

July 30, 2016 admin 0 Comments

Many tourists, while travelling to Germany, choose mostly Berlin. However, Germany has also many other amazing cities that are worth to visit. One of them is Frankfurt. Its full name is Frankfurt am Main. It is always listed among the best cities to live. It is beautiful and friendly. Therefore, it is definitely worth to consider it as a destination for this holiday!
You will definitely now be regretting booking airline tickets Warsaw – Frankfurt, as this city has plenty to offer to any visitor. Beautiful architecture and interesting museums definitely will not disappoint you. If you visit Frankfurt’s Old Town Center, commonly known as the Römerberg, you will have a chance to wander around breath taking architecture and experience its unique atmosphere. Right in the middle of the old town, there is the Justice Fountain (Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen). While wandering around you will have a chance to visit many so called Kulturschirn, which is a name of unique form of open-fronted shops. There is also a complex of old buildings called the Romer, the 14th-century Gothic Church of St. Leonhard as well as the Historical Museum that is a house for amazing collections of items and art connected to Frankfurt’s rich cultural history. Once you are in Frankfurt, you will also have a chance to visit Goethe House and Museum. Not many people know, that Frankfurt was the birthplace of this famous write. In the house you could see his writing room and many of his early works. Furthermore, Frankfurt has an amazing zoo. It is a home to more than 4500 animals! Apart of many interesting species of animals, you can visit there many exhibits or take part of one of many thematic tours. However, those activities are only examples. Frankfurt has so much more to offer! bridge-1196686_640
You should also book airline tickets Warsaw – Frankfurt if you are interested in festivals. Among the amazing festivals which are conducted in the city are for example:
– Frankfurt Apple Wine Festival, that celebrates the most popular beverage in Frankfurt. People are singing and dancing, and many types of apple wine are available to try.
– Opera Square Festival, which is an annual culinary festival. While visitors have a chance to try many delightful meals, there is also a stage program, including great music.
– Rheingau Wine Festival, where you can try more than 600 different wines from the famous Rheingau region.
– Autumn Dippemess, which is the largest folk festival in the Rhine-Main region.


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