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Great idea for the upcoming holidays

September 7, 2016 admin 0 Comments

Many people, while planning their holidays, usually think about only one country, or even one city. Even though such approach definitely has some benefits too, it might be extremely worth to try something totally new during the upcoming holidays!
The idea seems to be pretty simple and becomes to be more and more popular – while planning your holiday, try to visit at least to places, which are similar and different at the same time. A very good example might be Paris and Prague. Those two cities have many things in common. For example, both of them are located in Europe, therefore their citizens share similar values and culture. Both of them are also capital cities, thus host many extremely interesting museums, theaters and all other buildings and sites that are typical for capital cities, as for instance parliaments, best universities of the country and so on. At the same time, countries are significantly different – they have different language, different cuisine, different history and so on. Even people and their mentality and attitude is different and it might be simply noticed on the main streets in both cities. To quickly sum up – the idea is very simple. You spend the first part of the holiday in Paris. Later on, you take one of the flights from paris to prague, and spen the second part of your holidays in Czech Republic.

At this point, you have probably already started to wonder why this idea is so amazing and why you should try it out. The answer is pretty simple. It will allow you to learn more and understand more. And it is not only the result of seeing the bigger amount of countries and places. The difference and advantage of such holiday is much more subtle. In the given example, you will be able to know Europe better. For example, while in France, you will have a chance to become familiar with its interpretation of the Second World War. Then, when you are already in Prague, you will have a chance to visit various museums and exhibition regarding events during the Second World War in the Czech Republic. Thanks to this, you will be able to see the bigger picture as well as understand and see the same event from different perspectives – the perspective of Western and Eastern Europe. This is only an example, but it perfectly pictures all benefits that such method of travel can bring!
Therefore, if you have not tried such way of travelling yet, you should definitely try it up during the upcoming holidays.. You will definitely not regret it!

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