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Amazing weekend in Cracow

December 10, 2017 admin 0 Comments

Travelers from whole around the Europe are visiting Poland very often. Nothing surprising in that, cause local metropolis can offer them many of different attractions. One of the most popular cities in this country is Cracow, former capital, filled with amazing architecture. If you are going there only for one weekend you have to remember about the most important monuments.


Cracov CityPoland used to be very wealthy and important country, at least in times when Cracow was it capital. That is why old part of the city is filled with amazing architecture. In the centre of Main Square you will be able to visit Sukiennice, former market place founded in Renaissance times. Nowadays you will find inside nice gift shops and some small restaurants. About two minute walk from the building lays another important monument, the cathedral of Saint Mary. It is astonishing, Gothic church, with phenomenal altar, designed by Veit Stoss in the late, fifteenth century. Very close to the Main Square the Wawel Hill is situated. At the top of it you will find the Royal Castle of the same name, build in Renaissance style. One of it main attractions is old, medieval cage, where, according to legends, dangerous dragon used to live.

Jewish district

As in the most, Polish cities, also Cracow has very big and interesting Jewish district. It was named after king Kazimierz, who founded this district in medieval times. Nowadays it is very important, cultural area of city. It is filled with independent art galleries, small book shops, restaurant with healthy food and tiny cinemas. Also architecture of Kazimierz is amazing. At each street you will find small, vintage shop windows, typical for Jewish shops. There is also many of Synagogues in there, part of it is opened for visitors to see.

Another attractions

One of the biggest attraction of Cracow is National Gallery, filled with paintings of important, Polish artists. You will find in there masterpieces of Gierymski, Malczewski, Kossak and Matejko. Also in the gallery you will see a painting of Leonardo da Vinci, “Lady with Ermine”. While being in this area you shouldn’t miss a trip to the Museum of Auschwitz, sad memorial of Holocaust. It is situated couple dozens kilometres outside the Cracow, in city of Oswiecim. If you like to see all of exhibitions in there, you should book your turn. Cause according to museum’s regulations, limited amount of tourists can visit exhibition in the same time, out of respect to the Auschwitz’s victims.


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