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Krakow – a great place for city break

July 7, 2016 admin 0 Comments

Nowadays, Europe is connected like never before. Almost every country is now member of Union, so borders are open wide. Thanks to that, people in Sweden can travel to the many different countries, which very unavailable from them in several past years. For example, Poland. Since it became part of EU, a lot of people from there star to work in foreign countries, and thanks to that, cheap airline companies has arrived in there. So if you are looking for nice place to visit for longer weekend in the summer, you should consider Poland, and it former capital.

If you like to buy cheap airline tickets Stockholm – Krakow, you need to be wise. Summertime is very busy, so if you like to go there in July or August, you should book your tickets couple months ahead. But what if you have not time for that, and now it is too late? Well, you can always choose low season for your tripe. In May, June or September, weather in Poland is fantastic, perfect for sightseeing. Also, there will be much less tourist in the streets, so the flight and accommodation will be much cheaper. Another thing is your luggage. if you are planning to stay in there only for couple days, there is no need to buy checked baggage, cause carry – on will be fine. Your will fit in there all of your clothes, even cosmetics. But don’t forget to put liquids inside small, plastic bags.
And if there is something interesting enough to book airline tickets Stockholm – Krakow? Of course. This city use to be a capital of Poland, in the times when it was one of the most important kingdom in entire continent. Your sightseeing you should start from square. Right in the middle of it you will see Sukiennice, a former market build in Medieval times. Nowadays, it is renovated very well, and you can buy in there a lot of souvenirs from Krakow. Couple meters from it, you will find a Mariacki Church, astonishing Gothic temple, one of the largest in Poland. The inside is even better then outside, so you better buy a ticket to step in. And about ten minute walk from the square is situated Wawel Hill, on top of which lays Royal Castle. inside of it is museum, you should step inside, especially if you like a historical interior design.

If you like to visit Poland, you should book airline tickets Stockholm – Krakow, immediately. This city is one of the prettiest in this part of Europe, you will enjoy it very much, especially during the summer. Beautiful buildings, galleries, friendly people, and tasty beer – Krakow has it all.


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