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Attractions of Vilnius

May 14, 2016 admin 0 Comments

This charming city is capital of Lithuania, small country in the eastern Europe. It use to be part of Poland, during it Golden Period. Vilnius back then was second capital of Republic of Both Nation and because of it, it has plenty of magnificent buildings, located all around the town. But it is not only about heritages, also some of it parts has exact same, artistic atmosphere as Paris own Montmartre. Also it is not very costly, people are great and cuisine delicious. it is really worth to be seen, even just for longer weekend.

If you like the spirit of old, historical European scenery, you will fall in love in old town of Vilnius. Plenty of spectacular churches, with nice, baroque interiors or Gothic tall towers. If you visit tourist information, you will get there for free special map, with the greatest tour around this area. You will be able to see there University complex with Renaissance squares and small streets, admire nice, Gothic Cathedral place with small, two floors only buildings. Trace begins next to the most popular part of Vilnius – Gate of Dawn, and ends at the Castle hill, where you could admire spirit of old town.

vilnius-1029717_1280After you get tired of history, you could visit Zarzecze, truly artistic district of Vilnius, that for some people maybe similar to the Montmartre. It use to be the area where back in nineteenth century a lot of writers and painters use to live. Even nowadays, some of them are still in here, you may visit one out of many galleries to buy some nice souvenir, like painting of the landscape of this amazing city. Also, if you like to grab a glass of wine or pint of beer, you can visit one of many bistros situated in Zarzecze. Most of theme are open early at the morning, so you don’t need to be ashamed to during an alcohol so early.

Another nice thing about Vilnius are Kaziuki, very famous Easter market. It is one of the oldest events like that, from over four hundreds years people are gathering on the old town in the beginning of March to celebrate together. You could bus some stuff about Easter but not only. Also, it is the nicest way to try on some great examples of Lithuania’s cuisine. Fine wines, tasty cheeses, smoked meats and many, many more.

Vilnius is very charming place in the Eastern Europe. Plenty of charming, old buildings, delicious meals, friendly people, attractive prices. If you are thinking about visiting this city, you should go there in March, to have a chance to see Kaziuki market, one of the oldest festivals in the world.


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