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Interesting places in Poznan

June 16, 2016 admin 0 Comments

Poznan is one of those cities, that are often underestimated by tourist visiting Poland. Many of them choose bigger, better known cities. However, that might be their mistakes. Poznan has a charm and magic of a smaller city, that is often lacking elsewhere. And what is even more important – the city is still not inundated with groups of tourists. Thanks to that, you can easily observe the everyday life of Polish city, while admiring amazing architecture, city legends and chatting with friendly locals. It doesn’t really matter if you travel with your partner, friends, family or children. It also doesn’t matter if you are young, wild backpacker, or older person that looks for peaceful sightseeing sites. You will definitely find something for yourself!

Undisputed symbol of Poznan is… a clock with mechanical goats. These famous wooden goats show up from a tower above the clock at noon and… fight! Goats butt their heads twelve times and disappear. Every kid loves the spectacle! But even if you are an adult, I am sure you will enjoy it too! Obviously, there is a story, kind of a city legend, behind the goats, but you will have to go and discover it by yourself! The clock is installed in the Town Hall, located in the centre of Old Market Square. It is one of the most beautiful examples of Renaissance architecture in Poland.

However, architecture of the whole Old Market Square is equally interesting. These marvelous buildings look somehow as from a fairy tale. You can easily spend the whole afternoon wandering around and admiring the charming square. There are also plenty of nice cafes, bars and restaurants, in which you can enjoy lunch or a cup of warm coffee.maxresdefault

Another thing that is a “must do” in Poznan is definitely trying a St Martin’s Croissant. There is no better place for doing it than the Poznań Croissant Museum and Experience. During the visit in the museum you will have a chance not only to try delicious croissants, but also get familiar with the legends about its origins and learn more about its history. The museum is located exactly in front of the Town Hall, thus this might be a perfect place to enjoy already mentioned famous fighting goats.

Among other places that are worth seeing in Poznan is definitely the Imperial Castle. This is the last European monarchical residence, build for Wilhelm II. During the Second World War the castle served as an official quarter of Hitler. Nowadays, the castle hosts various cultural exhibitions, theatre and a cinema.


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